Microsoft Excel Courses

Excel is Microsoft's spreadsheet software and is basically used to store and add up numbers. In many ways Excel is like a super-powered calculator.

You could use Excel to calculate your monthly spending, do simple accounts for your small business or work out what your mortgage repayments are going to when the interest rate rises. If you've got children they may be able to use Excel to help them do calculations for their Maths or Science homework.

Kensington College offers easy-to-understand courses in Microsoft Excel. The topics covered include:

Microsoft Excel Courses: Morning

Microsoft Excel Courses: Afternoon (Advanced)


185 per day.

£95 per half day.

Extra Topics

Tailor-made. Topics selected from:


Next Courses (Intermediate morning - Advanced afternoon)

Day: Wednesday:

8th May 2019

12th June 2019

Evening: Monday :


Private training:

A student who has some knowledge already of Excel may benefit more from 2-3 hours of individual lessons. In that time advanced topics eg scenarios, macros, pivot tables, etc can easily be covered.
Given time it would also be possible to consider any job-specific spreadsheet requirements that a student has.

Cost: £70 per hour.

2007, 2010 or 2013?

Excel 2010 predominantly (Excel 2007 and 2013 are very similar and any differences will be demonstrated).









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