C# Class in London

What is C#?

C# is a relatively new language It is Microsoft propriety. C# is refreshing.

It is recommended that a language like C# (or C++) be taken only if you have done "some programming" or you have a mathematical background. For those completely new to programming, Excel VBA for example is recommended (since VBA is a very easy-to-learn language) in order to become familiar with basic programming concepts and techniques. Nevertheless many with absolutely no previous programming knowledge have succeeded.

C# is used to programmUnity of course- for those interested in game development although C++ with its Smart Pointers is making somehing of a resurgance with Unreal Engine.

For those who for example work in a financial environment, the C# is recommended over C++ unless your company has a lot of legacy C++ code for you to work on - which is often the case.

Interestingly C# was so named because C# is higher on the musical scale than C, and of course those familiar with C++ will know that C++ is one more than C in programming language notation!
Also no more pointers as in C and C++.


Why would you want to do C# rather than Excel VBA for example? With C# you can build libraries of compiled code which you can't do in Excel VBA. Re-usability is the name of the game. OOP. Object oriented Programming!

As with all programming languages, we do not recommend, nor do we offer consecutive day training sessions. It is essential to have intermittent study sessions. For example, the daily classes are structured deliberately (Mon, Wed, and Fri) so that 2-4 hours practice can be done in the intervening days and weekends whilst, for the once a week evening classes revision (2- 4 hours) could be done on week ends. Programming is not learned in a few days. Learning to program can take many years and indeed the learning process never stops. In our experience trying to learn programming in consecutive days can merely serve to faze anyone who tries. Practice and consolidation is essential. To this end, an exercise is set after every session. Its completion is compulsory and will be a performance monitor. As with our training with other languages, these exercise are to be emailed to the trainer before the start of the next session.

When does the C# class run?

10 x 2.5 hour lessons = 25 hrs total. Evening course: 1 per week Wed evenings or Daytime or course Mon, Wed Fri and Mon, Wed, Fri for two consecutive weeks - 2 x 2.5 hrs per day.

Practice times can be arranged on other evenings free of charge.

Start Dates:

Thurs 1st March 2019 for 10 weeks
6.30pm -9.00 pm

Daytime: 10am -12.30pm

March 2019
Daily for 2 weeks
Mornings should be spent revising/practising and performing the daily exercise.

Overview of Content

Lesson 01: Getting Started: Expressions, Types, and Variables
Lesson 02: Control Statements (If, For, Do etc)
Lesson 03: Structs and Enums
Lesson 04: Static Methods
Lesson 05: Classes. Methods. Properties
Lesson 06: Arrays and Strings
Lesson 07: Class Inheritance
Lesson 08: Overloaded Operators Indexers Boxing Casting Delegates Events Anonymous Methods
Lesson 09: Exception Handling. Windows Presentation Foundation File Handling
Lesson 10: Generics, Modern C++, Smart Pointers, XML, ADO.NET, Linq database


Evening: £750

Daytime: £850


Individual Courses

Can be arranged to suit asap. Please phone to arrange times.

This would normally consist of ten 2 hr sessions.

Cost: £1550

Private Tuition

£75 per hr.

Course Requirement

3 to 4 hrs of "homework" per week. An exercise is given after every class. This is expected to be received by email eg on the following Sunday 12.00pm. This is an essential part of the course.


A colourful manual is provided which we hope proves a highly simplified view of C#.


C# in 21 days (Sams) is very useful and easy to read but only for the early topics. (It does not cover generics for example).


At the course completion, subject to satisfactory performance and submission of written exercises, a Kensington College certificate is awarded. From anecdotal experience, this has proved uncannily useful indeed for job applications.


(By request):

Course review
I have to admit that when I registered for my training at Kensington College I was skeptical because I thought that the price was too good to be true.
I can now say my skepticism was completely unwarranted on all counts. I have no complaints about the training.
The tutor was very knowledgeable and helpful and I was very impressed with the amount I learnt.
Emil Filip

I decided to take on the C# course on the basis that it covered all fundamental topics at a detailed level at the relatively short time of two weeks and at the most competitive price. If you wish to take a crash course in C# and are prepared to put in the extra hours for the exercises at home at the most competitive price, then this course is the one for you!
Thank you Ed for preparing a very concise and complete course
Chris Christopoulos

Get Started

You should buy C# in 21 days (Sams) once you are commited - even if you're not! This book does not cover the whole course eg it doesnt cover Generics, Anonymous functions , Linq etc but is a gentle introduction. Our course is largely based around it - chapter by chapter - so the book serves as a revision. The problems assigned for "homework" are also largely taken from the end of each chapter.

Secondly download Microsoft Visual Studio . Its absolutely free of charge and is "fully featured" enough for the whole course.





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