Excel VBA Courses in London

The Excel spreadsheet provides an ideal interface to learn a programming language - Excel VBA.

The evening course is held once a week. This provides plenty of time between to perform the class exercise which must be emailed - usually by the Sunday 8 pm. (Since making this course component compulsory, the class standard has risen almost unrecognizably). It is very difficult - almost impossible - to achieve a satisfactory level without this practice of 4-5 hrs per week after ever session.

The daytime class is more demanding. The classes are usually held every morning on 10 consecutive mornings. The afternoons and/or evenings MUST be spent revising the morning's material. The exercises must be submitted before the commencement of the next day's lesson. It ought to be realized that a trainer who may have 30 or more years of acquired programming knowledge is attempting to impart this expertise in only a matter of weeks. It can be done and is done but only by those who make a strong commitment to outside revision. Programming can take years to learn, indeed the learning process never stops. Having said all that, it is possible to write some useful and practical code after about 3 sessions! Taking a 2-week course like this is feasible so long as the attendee understands the amount of extra work required on his or her part. In our experience, consecutive day courses without time for recap simply faze a student and are not encouraged at Kensington College.

Only under exceptional circumstances should a lesson be missed or postponed.

Excel VBA is probably one of the easiest programming languages to learn. (The assistance offered by the macro recorder should not be underestimated.) The Excel spreadsheet itself is an almost ideal simple interface to learn with .....BUT... not without practice.

Participants are actively encouraged to bring along any spreadsheet material that they may be using and wish to automate using VBA.

A recent introduaction of YouTube videos to accompany the course has proved to be very helpful.

Expert teaching in Excel VBA

Excel BVA in easy steps

Ed Robinson, the author of the best-selling book, Excel VBA in easy steps (which is provided) has devised the course.

When do the Excel VBA Courses run?

10 x 2.5 hour lessons = 25 hours total.

Start Dates:


Tue 14 November 2017 (With mutually agreed xmas break)

1. Tue 14th Nov
2. Tue 21st Nov
3. Tue 28th Nov
4. Tue 5th Dec
5. Wed 10th Jan
6. Tue 16th Jan
7. Tue 23rd Jan
8. Tue 30th Jan
9. Tue 6th Feb
10.Tue 13th Feb

Wednesday 21st February 2018 (for 10 consecutive weds). 6-30 - 9pm

Day times:

Monday 19th February 2018 : For 10 mornings.

10 consecutives mornings is very demanding. (On occasions this can be extended.) Afternoons must be spent revising/practising and performing the daily exercise.

What does the course cover?
Topics covered on this course are:

Total cost
Evening : 700
Daytime: £750


Individual Courses

Can be arranged to suit. Please phone to arrange times.
These can be tailored depending on student experience.
The basic course is fully covered in a slightly shorter period of time.

10 sessions of 2 hrs.

Cost: £1450

Private Tuition

£75 per hr


A certificate is awarded upon reasonably completing and submitting coursework throughout the course.


VBA and intro to FM (Financial Modelling)

VBA/FM Class are now available. Largely based upon:Financial Modeling by Simon Benninga This is also a very interesting and excellent reference for interested students for further reading.
Excel VBA and financial modeling go hand in hand.

Duration Three 2 hour sessions. Cost : £300

Previous knowledge. VBA. Preferably having attended our VBA course.
Content: To include PV and IRR. Matrices. Amortization. Bond Pricing. Option Pricing (including Black Scholes). Protfolio Optimization.

These sessions are much of an an overview and a demonstration of how VBA is applied to FM. For example how writing VBA code to raise a matrix to a power is utilized in bond pricing or how a user defined function can be written in VBA and used to calculate the BS option price directly on a spreadsheet.







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