Basic Computer Courses in London

We run regular courses for people who have very little or no knowledge of computing, or those who wish to update their computer skills.

Courses use specialized, colourful manuals. The emphasis is on simplicity.

Each student of course has access to his or her own computer in class but a student bringing and using their own laptop has proved very useful. It is strongly recommended that a student has a computer of one form or another with Microsoft Office in order to practise.

At the completion of your computer education course, subject to satisfactory performance, a Kensington College IT Certificate is awarded.

Courses are held in Bloomsbury but increasingly bespoke specialized small classes are held in Bayswater.

What is taught on our basic computer courses?

Windows 10 Microsoft Word: Lesson 1

Basically, this part of our basic computer courses teach you how to control the computer. Moving, Restoring, Maximizing windows etc.

Word. Whether you want to write letters, create flyers and posters or even tackle your first novel, Microsoft Word is the program you need to get to grips with.

For those with some prior knowledge of Word, it is usually the case that topics such as setting margins tabs and paragraph indents are still of interest and they find it useful even to go over the very basic things. (It is still surprising how experienced users may not be aware of the difference between the delete and the backspace delete keys!)

Microsoft Word cont'd & Windows Explorer: Lesson 2

Whereas in the past it may have been necessary to spend more time on basic skills, it is found that these days, more than likely if time permits we are able to cover topics from Macros, Templates and Mail Merge.

Windows Explorer and the equivalent in Windows 7,10: Creating folders. Deleting files. Restoring files. Moving files about. Generally organizing your documents and files.

Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet: Lesson 3

Microsoft Excel is basically used for arithmetic calculations but with a difference - formulas are embedded in the spreadsheet. These can be reused. These formuals can be applied to your weekly spending, household budget or even mortgage repayments.Excel is probably the friendliest package of all.

Editing. Moving around the sheet. Series. Formatting. Formulas. Absolute Reference. Charts.

PowerPoint : Internet/email: Lesson 4

PowerPoint is used for making brochures/flyers and presentations containing tables, pictures and graphs. Word Art, Clip Art. Animation. PowerPoint can also be very straightforward - once the difference between a new slide and a new presentation is realized!

Internet/Email: What is an ISP. What is a URL. Web Searching. Email Attaching, Replying, Forwarding. Web Publishing. Once again, it is increasingly the case that people do have a little experience with the web and email and correspondingly the course has adapted to provide an introduction to making your own web and get a name for yourself!

Please note that there may be some modification of the allocation of the topics for lessons 4 & 5 depending on class requirement.

Who are our basic computer courses for?

For those needing to acquire office skills, businessmen and women, graduates looking for jobs or people in between jobs - anyone who needs new skills. Age range: 8 to 80 (so far!)

How many in a group?

Maximum of 4.

How long are the basic computer courses?

Daytime schedule : 3pm - 5.30 pm Mondays.

Evening schedule: 6.30pm to 9.00pm, Mondays

Class duration is 3 hours (2 1/2 hrs evening) with a short break.) This is fairly intensive with everybody engaged on the same activity.
It is absolutely imperative that you are able to practise what you have learned in the lesson - before the next lesson. This would usually able to be done at home/office. Please enquire of the trainer as to what you would need to have on your own computer.

Do I get sent off to a corner with a computer and a book / audio program and asked to get on with it?


Do I get almost constant individual attention? (Which I need if I know nothing about computers)


What standard will I achieve?

Although the course starts from a very elementary level, it
is quite surprising how much can be covered. The level achieved in Windows and Word for example is "proficient";.

Do I get printed notes?

Yes. A very simplified and much acclaimed colourful manual which we have developed.

Do I get confirmation after successfully taking the course?

Yes. A college certificate is issued.

Would it be useful to include this on my curriculum vitae?

Yes, it is very impressive to an employer if you can state for example that you can use the latest version of Word or Excel.

Will I learn the difference between a hard disk and a flash drive?

Yes. Along with a lot of other things you need to know about the computer itself.

Can I seek assistance even when the course is completed?


Are you sure I can do it?

We can guarantee that anyone can achieve a level of competence. This guarantee is based upon having no-one to date who could not cope - despite an almost universal apprehension before starting.

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Bespoke Individual Training

Also by popular request we run bespoke individual training courses in Word, Excel, Powerpoint etc. These are useful for company employees requiring training. These are usually held in Bayswater (but on- site is possible.)


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