Access VBA Courses in London

Access VBA (Visual Basic for Applications) is an effective way to extend the capabilities of Microsoft Access. Access VBA is not the easiest language to learn. In fact its the most difficult. A great deal of Access VBA code is Access specific (for example the coding behind an Access form) with regard to the other VBAs.Unfortunately to develop even a half-serious Access database (for example a database with custom email capability) requires Access VBA. This is where we come in! It would be preferable that a student had some programming knowledge eg For Loops etc. It is recommended that contact is made with the school to discuss an individuals current level of programming expertise. I some cases it might be preferable to perhaps first tackle Excel VBA which is easy! The level to start with is very basic but eventually even ADO is covered as well as an introduction to classes and APIs.

Once again the philosophy is to provide for time between classes for revision. It is not our policy to teach continuously and risk students becoming fazed. Some exercises are set between sessions for revision.

A colourful and hopefully much simlified manual is provided. A text is also recommended to accompany the manual - a chapter by chapter correspondence.

Our Access VBA courses run as evening or daytime courses from Bloomsbury Square.

What does the Access VBA course cover?

10 x 2.5 hour lessons = 25 hours total. Wednesday Evenings 6.30-9pm.

Topics covered on this course are:

Cost: 950 per person.

Individual Courses:
20 hrs: These can be aranged to suit but it is not recommended that these are continous. The course content is quite considerable so it is essential that a student is able to allocate a few hours beween sessions to practising and doing set exercises.
10 sessions of 2 hrs each.
Cost : 1550

Private Tuition

£85 per hr


Next class start times:


Thursday 12 May 2016 for 10 weeks
Evenings: 6.30pm -9.00 pm





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