C++ Class in London

Our C++ classes will get you up to speed with this powerful and widespread programming language.

What is C++?

C++ is a leading computer programming language for developing financial and engineering programmes for PCs, as well as having a variety of other uses.

It's one of the most powerful computer programming languages and so is a much sought-after skill by employers especially in engineering and financial institutions.

C++ was developed by Bjarne Stroustrup as an object-oriented extension to C. It is now one of the most widely-used languages of all, which is in part because of its C heritage.

C++ is not the easiest language to learn. Generally speaking, it is advisable to have previous experience of another language - or have a mathematical background. Many students have proved this wrong (against advice!) and have become proficient C++ programmers from scratch, but it is generally advisable to tackle say Excel VBA first.

A knowledge of C++ is also of enormous benefit to CG (Computer Graphics) students who wish to come to terms UnReal Engine and the Maya C++ API etc. WIth Smart Pointers C++ is making a comeback!

Prospective financial modellers may wish to visit Odegaards Financial Modelling website which is a quite exraordinary free! site which shows how to apply our acquired knowledge of C++ to calculation of option prices, monte carlo etc.

.When does the C++ class run?

10 x 2.5 hour lessons = 25 hours total. 1 per week Thursday Evenings 6-30-9pm.

When do the C++ Courses run?

10 x 2.5 hour lessons = 25 hours total. 1 session per week on Thursday Evenings from 6.30pm - 9pm.
Practice times can be arranged on other evenings free of charge.

Start Dates:


Thurs 25th July 2019 for 10 Thursdays
6.30pm -9.00 pm

Cost £750..

Daytime: 6.30 -9pm

Mon 19th August 2019 for 10 lessons.
10am -12.30pm
Cost £850 but Student Discount may apply.


Overview of Content


Evening £750

Daytime £850

Payment may be made in full in advance but a £100 deposit is acceptable with the balance paid after the first class.

Individual Courses

Can be arranged - times to suit . Please phone.

Cost: £1550

10 sessions 2 hrs each.

Course Requirement

3 to 4 hrs of "homework" per week. An exercise is given after every class. This is expected to be received by email after the lesson. This is probably the most important (and compulsory) part of the course!

Manual & Text

A colourful manual is provided. This manual is based chapter by chapter on the text Object Oriented Programming in C++ by Robert Lafore ISBN 0-672-32308-7). Here's the Amazon link to the book. The manual provided is very much simplified and more digestible version of this excellent text. The text therefore serves as revision - class by class. The exercises are also derived form the text, providing a more practical aspect as to how C++ may be applied.

Private Tuition

£75 per hr.

C++ and FM (Financial Modelling)

C++/FM classes are now available: Times to be announced.

Duration Three 2 hour sessions. Cost : £300

Previous knowledge: C++. Preferably having attended our C++ course.

Content: This course unashamedly relies heavily upon Odegaard's Financial Modelling site.Please consult the pdf course description there (eg Binomial Option Pricing, Mean Variance Frontier, Black Scholes, Monte Carl etc.) on this site for the available topics. Our main purpose is to ensure understanding of how C++ and corresponding mathematical techniques for example interval bisection and inverse matrix techniques are applied so that full understanding of all available material can be gained.

Individual courses.

These courses can be tailored to take into account the varied degrees of previous knowledge of both C++ and FM.





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