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Matlab Tuition in London

Matlab is a succinct programming language. As the name suggests (MATtrix LABoratory it is based upon matix manipulation. For example here is a matlab program:
A=[ 1 2 ]
B=[ 2 3 ]
would give the result [ 3 5 ].
It is extrememly powerful, It is used for example in Engineering and Financial applications for example to calulate the IRR of some cash flows couldnt be simpler: irr([-100 250 150]). Doing the same calulation in C++ woud take a good few more steps.

The Help sytem in Matlab is nothing short of outstanding. If you have an interest in Financial Modelling, Neural Networks or Genetic Algorithms this is the place to start! There is nothing like making a program which actually does something to enable you to understand these things.

Courses at KC start for the absolute beginning. Its also necessary that we teach some matrices as well.

Course Content

The Matlab user interface
Working with Matlab data types
Creating matrices and arrays
Operators and control statements
Using scripts and functions
Data import and export
Using the graphical features.





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