Computer Courses in London

Kensington College London (founded in 1981), provides computer courses in central London.

Computer training courses

Kensington College specializes in teaching programming courses in

C++ C# Excel VBA Python

and Excel

Classes and are usually taught at our Central London location but currently classes are taught remotely.

(Please note the distinction between Remote training and Online training - Remote classes utilize mutual computer control.)

Online Programming Courses in C# and Excel VBA

For all programming courses it is recommended that preliminary discussion is had with regard to possible background programming or mathematical experience (eg none of these is really required for VBA ) and the suitability/applicability of one language over another.

Basic Computing Courses for beginners.

Unfortunately there are no classroom Basic Computer Courses scheduled in 2022.


Specialized assistance

has been given in such wide and varied subjects from Computer Graphics , Rhino/Grasshopper, Gaming, Advanced C#, Access VBA, University Math, Android Studio to DSP with Matlab.


Please email Name Address & Mobile number to Payment is preferably done by bank transfer but alternatively c/card payment can be made by phone.

Expert training

Excel BVA in easy steps

Ed Robinson, the principal who usually takes the programming course, is the author of the best-selling book but a little dated, Excel VBA in easy steps.


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